Leisure Services and Enjoying Hillingdon

Summary of sections: 

  1. Hillingdon Libraries
  2. Services such as leisure centres, smimming pools, parks, theatres and cinemas
  3. Services for older people
  4. Publications such as Hillingdon People

1. Hillingdon Libraries

There are many libraries in Hillingdon. See the list to find one near your house. 

You will find:

  • Information about Hillingdon.

  • Books – Children and Adults.

  • Newspapers, Magazines.

  • Computers (internet, E-mail).

How do I join?     


  • You can join your nearest library online or can visit in person.

  • By registering online, you will get a temporary registration number. This will give you immediate access to some online resources. 

CLICK:  Find my nearest library    

CLICK:  Join the library